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Entrepreneur  Magazine calls Lisiten Associates “One of the Top Privately Held Companies in America.”


WABC 77 Calls Lisiten Associates

“The Number One Business Broker in North America.”

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“Disrupting the M&A Industry”

Acquisition International calls Lisiten Associates “The Leader!”

By Acquisition International Magazine

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Everything we do, say, or discuss is always kept “Confidential”!

LISITEN ASSOCIATES BUSINESS BROKERS has been in business since 1982 and specializes and excels in maintaining the confidentiality of its clients.


It is the most awarded business brokerage in history achieving over 101 awards for excellence, performance, and unique proprietary systems. As well as having won the “Top Business Broker Industry CEO Award” among its peers.


We can easily help you to sell, franchise, market or license your business, company, or concept worldwide.


The company’s top level professional team gets things done professionally and completely.

  • Recently Entrepreneur Magazine called Lisiten Associates one of the “Top 40 Privately Held Brokerage Companies in America!”
  • USA Today Newspaper named Lisiten Associates the “Number One Business Broker M&A in North America”.
  • Lisiten Associates unique approach and proprietary systems in the global marketing of businesses has no match in the industry.
  • Lisiten Associates corporate global marketing efforts specialize in confidentially representing family or privately owned businesses and corporations for sale to buyers from all over the world.
  • Lisiten Associates also helps find partners or investors for businesses as well as business loans where applicable.
  • Lisiten Associates also offers a huge assortment of financing options for those needing financing or additional funding for purchases or projects.
  • Lisiten Associates now offers global tv and radio marketing worldwide! In addition, Lisiten Associates works with licensors and franchisors and will even help important major startups from beginning to end.

We are represented on “over 57 global websites in 11 languages” in addition to our own and advertise on them 365 days a year.

  • In addition, we belong to the 5 major invitation-only global private investment clubs consisting of over 65 thousand members and representing Private Equity Groups, Family Investment Offices, High Net Worth Individuals, and many smaller Public Companies always looking for acquisitions.
  • Our confidential teasers can be seen worldwide by buyers, investors, and dealmakers of all descriptions.
  • Our closing ratio is the highest in the world.
  • We offer our sellers the largest choice of potential buyers, partners or investors.
    Let us help you sell your company, business or corporation or help you to complete your unique startup concept!

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Our latest Blog

Why “Listen to Lisiten?”

After years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears; making the choice to sell your business can be stressful but also exciting. Entrusting the sale of your business to a company that will match your hard-earned efforts is an absolute must.  So… why listen to Lisiten Associates?

  • CONFIDENTIALITY is a necessary element. 

    Just because you’re ready to sell doesn’t mean your competition or members of your team need to be put on notice!  Our strict NDA protects both you and the buyers from disclosing any compromising information.  Buyers get the need to know facts about you and you get the need to know facts about them so you can make an informed decision on who you invite into your business. You sell when the numbers are right for you.

  • HISTORY is everything. 

    Most of the associates here at Lisiten have been entrepreneurs and business owners themselves. This goes along way with understanding where you’re coming from and where you’re going. The team is focused, driven, symbiotic. The founder, Mel Lisiten, has his mark on more brand names then we can list. With history, comes experience and Lisiten Associates has no shortage of experience.


    After contracting with Lisiten, your company will go on up to 57 websites in 11 languages around the globe in less than 48 hours. Additionally, your listing will be emailed to our exclusive database of buyers. Seriously, selling your business IS our business!


    The national average sell through rate is 29%. Not bad. But definitely not GREAT! Lisiten has been named, repeatedly the No. 1 Broker in North America, for one reason…the numbers. 91% sell through rate. If this number is right for you, then it’s time to “Listen to Lisiten.

Over the years Lisiten Associates has sold over a 600 BUSINESSES and CORPORATIONS.
Representing well over $1 Billion Dollars in total sales.

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Some of our past sales include: 

Various Agencies, Aerospace Companies,  Hotels, Theaters, Unique Service Companies, Management Companies, Manufacturing, Wholesaling, Importing, Warehousing, Distribution, Educational Centers, Financial Services,  Auto Related, Real Estate Related,  Medical Related, Health Related, Medical, Apparel Companies, Advertising, HVAC, Legal Services, Internet Marketing, Internet Services, I T Services, Importers, Web Design, Sporting Facilities, Technology, Telemarketing, Electronics, Security Industry, Computer Manufacturing, Aerospace, Pet Industry, Metal Products, Retailers, Retail Chains and Independents, Wood Products, Chemical Related, Printing, Restaurants, Catering, Food Wholesale and Manufacturing, Shopping  Centers, Franchisors, Franchise Re-Sales and Licensing of Businesses or Concepts.

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