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Skip Warner


Skip is an experienced entrepreneur and business advisor, having successfully built and sold multiple businesses independently before becoming an integral part of Lisiten Associates and eventually it’s president. With a diverse portfolio spanning manufacturing, wholesale distribution, aerospace, healthcare, and various business services, Skip brings unparalleled expertise to the table when facilitating business sales across any sector.

Capable of adeptly navigating a broad array of businesses, Skip has successfully represented clients in almost every industry. His extensive experience demonstrates a versatile skill set, adept at navigating the complexities of diverse business transactions. Skip has been instrumental in hiring, training, developing, and managing our team of professional business advisors. His prior experiences include negotiating franchise agreements, royalty, and license agreements, directing company operations, product design, merchandising, sourcing, production, manufacturing, sales, marketing, brand promotion, advertising, and distribution. Skip has traveled extensively both domestically and internationally and has enjoyed servicing & representing business owners globally.

Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a business, Skip’s in-depth knowledge of the market environment and nuanced understanding of industry-specific dynamics ensure a seamless and efficient transaction process.

For those seeking a reliable and knowledgeable business advisor to navigate the intricacies of buying or selling a business, Skip stands out as a knowledgeable and trusted choice. Backed by a decades long proven track record and a diverse range of expertise, Skip is well-equipped to guide you toward the realization of your business goals.

Mobile: 914-960-4071

Email: lisiten.skip@gmail.com 

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Alan Waldman

Senior Vice President

Alan began his career in business financing with a position at a New York based notes receivable Factoring company.

While working there Alan completed his M.B.A. in Finance and International Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business. 

During the next decade Alan held finance and operations positions within the publishing and manufacturing industries. 

It was during this phase of Alan’s career that he was able to lay the foundations of his finance, operations, manufacturing and distribution skill sets.

Alan has extensive experience in product and content creation, licensing, and product distribution. 

With a strong background in sales, pricing and product profitability, deal structures and contract negotiations. 

Alan has completed deals with numerous major household names such as; Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Fisher Price, Disney and Electronic Arts. 

As a result, prior to joining Lisiten Associates in 2011 Alan was already the veteran of a number of multi-million dollar sales and acquisition transactions for his previous employers.

Alan also serves on the Board of Trustees for several organizations in the tri-state area.

Mobile: 914-393-8814

Email: lisiten.alan@gmail.com 

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Jerry Liss

Senior Regional Business Adviser 

After graduating from NYU Stern School of Business, Jerry joined his family’s distribution business, A. Liss & Co., Inc. as a Sales representative. He was primarily responsible for taking a project from conceptual design through layout, to sales and installation of material handling storage and warehouse equipment. Customers included major firms in a variety of industries throughout the New York/Tri-State region.  

During the recession of the early 1990’s, as CEO, Jerry implemented programs that dramatically changed the direction of the company. He effectively navigated the firm into the construction industry as a Specialty Subcontractor. Under Jerry’s guidance, A. Liss quickly became a major force in its field of expertise and built a strong reputation for managing projects with a high level of honesty and integrity. In 2019, it was time to reap the benefits of decades of hard work and building the business and A. Liss & Co was successfully sold.

Jerry’s strengths include all facets of business operation with an emphasis on sales and contract negotiation, project management, marketing and finance.  His ability to handle complex transactions, skillfully overcome everyday business obstacles and his genuine concern to do what is right for his clients make Jerry an ideal individual to guide you through one of the most important life decisions you will face – the sale of your business.

Mobile: 516-660-2700

Email: lisiten.jliss@gmail.com 

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Dan Lowe

Senior Regional Business Adviser

Dan started in business ownership early in his career and has racked up 23 years of entrepreneurship.  Through this time, he has learned just what it takes to be a successful business owner.  Having built and sold numerous companies of his own, he knows first-hand how difficult and emotional it can be to sell a business.  

Dan additionally has experience in creating a brand from scratch.  He took an idea from paper to the marketplace in under a year.  During this business startup Dan learned  every aspect of taking a product from concept to market.  This taught him a tremendous foundation in design, development, manufacturing, freight shipping, and small parcel shipping just to name a few.  All of this business experience has helped Dan develop a set of skills you won’t find with most other brokers.  

Dan’s 16 years selling businesses in his previous roll probably has prepared him the most for his position here at Lisiten Associates.  In fact, Dan was a client before joining our team.  Ask him and he will tell you his experience as a client was so fantastic and so much different than any of his other business sales that he decided to join our team and help others enjoy their own exit process.  

Enlist Dan and Lisiten Associates to sell your business and he will help you get the most for all your blood, sweat, and tears that went into building your business, you deserve nothing less than top dollar, and we can help you get it.

Mobile: 703-635-9400

Email: lisiten.dlowe@gmail.com 



Regional Business Advisor

Bob Kent is a very successful Businessman.

BOB Started his career by opening an Insurance Agency at age 24. 

After 2 years he already had 3 offices and 15 employees. 

He still owns them and has a Manager running them for him.

In 2006 Bob opened his first Imaging Center in Park Slope New York aligned with NYU. 

He then went on to open another in 2018. 

They are very successful and are Run by Onsite Managers.

In the interim years,  Bob bought and sold some other Businesses 

Nothing held his attention until he joined LISITEN ASSOCIATES.

Bob says that he loves helping people buy and sell businesses and that this will be his focus for the rest of his life.

With his vast and diversified business experience, BOB can definitely help you to sell your business!

Email: lisiten.bob@gmail.com 

AlanPfeiferSm-2 OUR TEAMAlan Pfeifer

Regional Business Advisor

Being an M&A Business Broker at Lisiten Associates is a perfect fit for Alan.

He brings a wealth of successful Business experience to this position.

Alan is a true entrepreneur who has a vision for staying ahead of the curve.

His background is a unique combination of corporate success in both business and sales development with a dozen years in sales management at Levi Strauss and over a decade in business running a high profile division as President of Calvin Klein Jeans.

After 20 plus years from these two successful corporate roles, Alan forged his own jeans company and developed products for existing Brands and Retailers for over a decade.

The experience and gratification of running his own company satisfied his goals at the time.

He then sold his Company and briefly retired, but retirement does not suit Alan’s temperament.

He is constantly thinking of ways to grow so he reinvented himself and became a successful real estate broker at Douglas Elliman while honing his skills as a Business Broker.

This utilization of Alan’s prior work experience has contributed to his success as an extremely important Business Broker and team member at Lisiten Associates.

Lisiten Associates’s proven formulas for achieving Mutual Goals with their Clients has provided the platform for Alan to apply his highly recognized people skills and insatiable desire to help business entrepreneurs either sell or buy a business.

As a Business Broker he is able to evaluate an existing business with the Professional Tools and unmatched International marketing provided by Lisiten Associates and successfully market that business for sale.

Alan skillfully works with first time buyers as well as Corporations and Family Held Businesses looking for that just-right purchase or acquisition

Email: lisiten.alan@gmail.com 

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Mike Pantouvakis

Business Advisor & Business Development

Mike started his entrepreneurial career by launching one of the first social media marketing pages to be brought to market in Europe when he was 14 years old. He was able to develop a direct weekly audience of over 60,000 in 30 different countries and 3 different continents.

Following that, he started a fashion company which got acquired in May of 2017 in an undisclosed deal and then formed a marketing company which his family is still operating today.

After accumulating a wide array of experiences from the entrepreneurial field, Mike earned his Double Major in Computing and Data Science & Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.  While in College Mike interned at Lisiten Associates working directly with Mel Lisiten.  Having graduated from NYU’s Stern School of Business Mike is now leading our Business Development Team and Advising Business Owners on the many options they have in the Sale and Transition of their business.

Mike’s future goals include helping to make the business landscape and community into a more inclusive, innovative, and profitable space for business owners.

Mobile: 725-251-7076

Email: lisiten.mikep@gmail.com

IMG_0113-251x300 OUR TEAMNancy Schuster

Business Development

Nancy brings with her over 20 years of her Business and Sales Development Expertise.  She has extensive experience in business development & strategic partnerships, negotiating deal structures and contract negotiations.

Nancy has an In-depth understanding of core business processes. She is able to define, communicate and fulfill project goals and break complex issues into manageable parts. Nancy has a proven record of leading successful teams to achieved desired goals.

Mobile: 484-639-4220

Email: lisiten.nancy@gmail.com 

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Adam Philip Bess 

Business Development

Adam Bess earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Old Dominion University and his MBA from Regent University.

Prior to joining Lisiten Associates Adam was already a trained business broker with over ten years of industry experience. Adam’s true passion is business development and has really hit the ground running at Lisiten Associates. With over a decade of sales and business development experience, that includes innovation in prospecting and closing sales Adam has been a tremendous addition to Lisiten and our clients.

Adam loves helping business owners monetize their years of hard work, in the resale of their business to the next generation of business owners.

In his personal life, Adam has had a lifelong interest in community service and serves on the board of a non-profit charity that encourages and empowers everyone in his greater community.

Mobile: 757-355-2958

Email: lisiten.adamphilipbess@gmail.com 

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Global Communications, Marketing & Advertising

Heather is an exceptional and amazing Mother of three.

She is very tireless and extremely shy.

Heather has been with Lisiten Associates since 2005.

She started as a secretary to Mel Lisiten and has grown up with the company.

Today Heather heads up all International Communications between New York, Europe, Israel, China, India and the rest of the World.

In addition she oversees Our Public Relations, IT, Bookkeeping and is our General office MGR.

Heather graduated from the University of PA. with a BS degree in Communications and has now completed her Masters Degree at Columbia University.

Once her Children have all gone off to College, Heather is looking forward to joining our Sales Team full time.

rosemarie OUR TEAM

Rosemarie Antonelli

Media Relations & Video Marketing

Video Production and Graphic Arts

Rosemarie Heads up our Video and Graphics Departments. 

She is both an Amazing and accomplished Artist. 

In addition she owns her own Extremely Successful Beauty Company.

Rosemarie also works tirelessly on projects for Lisiten Associates. 

She is in charge of all artwork and videos to be used for Marketing as well as the Branding of the Lisiten Associates Concept. 

She is currently working on Video Concepts to be used all over the World for the New and Futuristic (yet to be seen and leading edge) Lisiten Associates Marketing Campaigns.

The current Marketing approach used by Lisiten Associates is unmatched anywhere in the World. 

ROSEMARIE is now working on our Newest Technology to be implemented by 2023 to all of our Listings – VIDEO TEASERS !