skip-warner OUR TEAMSkip Warner

Senior Vice President

Having built and sold multiple businesses of his own, He is an experienced entrepreneur and business broker.

He knows and understands what it takes to successfully run, operate and grow your business in today’s global and highly competitive environment .

Skip knows what it takes and has the experience to sell your business.

SKIP’S prior background includes directing company operations, product design, merchandising, sourcing, production, manufacturing, sales, marketing, brand promotion, advertising and distribution.

SKIP has hired, trained, developed and managed both internal and external sales teams, negotiated license agreements and has traveled extensively both domestically and internationally.

Skip has helped make LISITEN ASSOCIATES the top Business brokerage M&A in North America Today!

lisiten.skip@gmail.com  212 661-4160 ext:203

AlanPfeiferSm-2 OUR TEAMAlan Pfeifer

Vice President

Being an M&A Business Broker at Lisiten Associates is a perfect fit for Alan.

He brings a wealth of successful Business experience to this position.

Alan is a true entrepreneur who has a vision for staying ahead of the curve.

His background is a unique combination of corporate success in both business and sales development with a dozen years in sales management at Levi Strauss and over a decade in business running a high profile division as President of Calvin Klein Jeans.

After 20 plus years from these two successful corporate roles, Alan forged his own jeans company and developed products for existing Brands and Retailers for over a decade.

The experience and gratification of running his own company satisfied his goals at the time.

He then sold his Company and briefly retired, but retirement does not suit Alan’s temperament.

He is constantly thinking of ways to grow so he reinvented himself and became a successful real estate broker at Douglas Elliman while honing his skills as a Business Broker.

This utilization of Alan’s prior work experience has contributed to his success as an extremely important Business Broker and team member at Lisiten Associates.

Lisiten Associates’s proven formulas for achieving Mutual Goals with their Clients has provided the platform for Alan to apply his highly recognized people skills and insatiable desire to help business entrepreneurs either sell or buy a business.

As a Business Broker he is able to evaluate an existing business with the Professional Tools and unmatched International marketing provided by Lisiten Associates and successfully market that business for sale.

Alan skillfully works with first time buyers as well as Corporations and Family Held Businesses looking for that just-right purchase or acquisition.

212 661-4160 Ext: 210    lisiten.Alanp@gmail.com

IMG_1943 OUR TEAMKimia Shadrokh

Regional Sales Director

Kimia is a seasoned professional with extensive sales experience.

Kimia is armed with a resolute determination to achieve success in her field.

She works tirelessly to successfully find the right deals for her buyers, to market each seller’s company with all tools at her disposal and to negotiate the best possible value for all her clients.

Kimia began her career as the Director of Commercial Assets for nearly 10 years at a well-known REIT, The Moinian Group, and oversaw an $8 Billion commercial real estate portfolio.

She managed hundreds of employees and successfully completed a number of high-publicized deals.

Kimia spent the next several years working for Mark Cuban as an Executive Vice President of one of his data analytic firms, Motionloft.

Kimia has an impressive record of results, a sharp eye for detail, and an expert ability to build strong relationships with clients and peers thank to her keen listening and analysis.

Armed with fortitude, work ethic and personality to persuade by using facts and arguments to win, Kimia brings these extremely valuable talents to Lisiten Associates.

Her investigative skills and motto of leaving no stone unturned translate to unprecedented results for her clients.

Kimia graduated manga cum laude with a B.A. degree from New York University.

She resides in New York City and is an avid runner that takes advantage of Central Park every opportunity she gets.

Lisiten.kimia@gmail.com     212 661-4160 Ext: 204


sandra OUR TEAMSonya Perrotti

Sonya Perrotti is a seasoned sales professional and entrepreneur.

She has been involved in many successful business ventures of all types.

She adds a wide variety of expertise to Lisiten Associates.

Her knowledge in supply chain optimization, manufacturing sales, creation and execution of sales drivers are second to none.

She also worked as an Acquisition Specialist at ADP.

Sonya’s strong knowledge and background will bring business buyers and sellers to an achievable end result.

Sonya has easily become one of LISITEN ASSOCIATES Top Salespersons

Sonya earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management in California at the University of LaVerne.

Lisiten.sonya@gmail.com   212 661-4160 Ext 205

paul-k OUR TEAMPaul Kanengiser

Paul Kanengiser is a seasoned sales professional and entrepreneur.

He has a vast background involving many successful family business ventures.

Paul’s first venture into the business brokerage industry was the sale of his family’s chain of Roller Skating Rinks.

He adds a wide variety of expertise to Lisiten Associates.

His knowledge in family and multi business ownerships, manufacturing sales, creation and execution of sales are second to none.

In 2012, He was named to the Northern Advisory Board for Two River Community Bank, Middletown, NJ

Paul’s strong knowledge and background will bring business buyers and sellers to achieve a smooth transition of ownership.

Paul has become one of LISITEN ASSOCIATES latest and trusted business brokers.

Paul earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Volunteered as an EMT in his home town as well as coaching basketball in his town over the last 12 years.

He has led his teams to 7 Championships and 5 runner ups. Always bringing a winning attitude wherever he is involved.

Paul will bring that same winning attitude to help sell your business.

lisiten.paul@gmail.com   212 661-4160 Ext 219

nancy-bio-pic-e1519246722726 OUR TEAMNancy Schuster

Nancy brings with her over 15 years of her Business and Sales Development Expertise.

She has extensive experience providing new business strategy and implementation services within the business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

Nancy has an In-depth understanding of core business processes.

She is able to define, communicate and fulfill project goals and break complex issues into manageable parts.

Nancy has a proven record of leading successful teams to achieved desired goals.

She consistently meets or exceeds sales goals and extremely adept at multi-tasking and time.

212 661-4160 Ext: 206      lisiten.nancy@gmail.com

RENE-JOSEPHthumbnail_profile-pic OUR TEAMRene Joseph

Rene is heavily networked and well connected among top level CEO’s and owners of different companies on various business verticals.

He has owned and operated several businesses including multiple franchises.

He was the franchisee of the year of Subway in 2004.

He has done M & A and Business Brokering under his own company Smart Choices.

Rene is also the founder and CEO of Firstgent Security Systems Pvt. Ltd., one of the leading security system companies.

Rene is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from National Institute of Technology, India.

Rene also has over 25 years of extensive experience working in leading MNCs such as Morgan Stanley & Dresdner Bank.

Rene can help you to sell your Company.

212 661-4160 Ext:228     lisiten.rene@gmail.com


                                              BRANDON KAYE

image1-2 OUR TEAM

Brandon has over 10 years of experience between Wall Street and the selling of privately held businesses.

He has negotiated and executed over $750 million of capital markets transactions during the tenure of his investment banking career and $ Millions in Business sales as well.

Brandon started his career as a credit analyst at a hedge fund focusing on high-yield  investing in corporations before moving into the investment banking space as a sales trader.

He has deep knowledge of both real estate and corporate valuation and a remarkable ability to source opportunities, develop relationships and structure win-win trades.

Brandon’s honest and aggressive approach toward origination through deal execution adds tremendous value to Lisiten Associates as a middle market business intermediary.

Brandon graduated from The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a Bachelors of Science in Finance and Psychology.

Brandon can help you sell your Business.

lisiten.brandon@gmail.com  212 661-4160 Ext: 223

Nicole-Photo-1-edited OUR TEAMNicole Van Valkenburgh

When Nicole knocks on doors…They open!

With a profound background in sales her diverse experience in various industries gives Nicole an edge when working with her clients. She can relate to all, and has vast experience and insight to bring to the table. Her upbeat personality paired with her professional demeanor are the perfect blend of success.

With a passion to learn, understand and help others Nicole’s persistent nature ensures that she will not stop until the job is done. She enjoys “thinking outside the box.”
Her sales and management experience consist of working in the Medical device industry, Manufacturing, Distribution, Supply and Wholesale, as well as helping small businesses and start up companies grow their product distribution and services.

Nicole has worked in the entrepreneurial community coordinating events, networking and building various marketing campaigns, as well as assisting in professional development seminars and business focused educational programs.

Nicole’s number one asset is connection. She is hard working, driven, and believes in the importance of follow up and that business relationships are built on consistence and trust.

Lisiten associates is grateful to have Nicole on our team, and Nicole looks forward to helping you achieve your Business goals, so you can reach your personal goals!



Ryan-Volpe OUR TEAMRyan Volpe

Accessible, knowledgeable and experienced, Ryan is committed to building and maintaining strong client relationships.

He is passionate about what he does and he brings that passion to helping every client make important financial decisions.

With over fifteen years of financial services experience, he is capable of taking a tailored, multidisciplinary approach to serving the individual needs of his clients.

Ryan has worked with some of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Prior to joining Lisiten Associates, Ryan supported industry executives with client services and development needs, focusing on business management and strategy as well as valuation and due diligence.

Ryan began his career at Standard & Poor’s, originating complex multi-billion dollar residential-, commercial- and asset-backed securities on behalf of institutional investors.

While at S&P, he also helped companies evaluate high quality municipalities for potential investment opportunities.

It was through these roles that Ryan garnered a keen eye for detail and an unwavering willingness to serve others.

Ryan later joined TIAA and Nuveen, managing the firms’ insurance and retirement businesses.

Through his steadfast approach, he had assisted many clients within the Not-For-Profit and High Net Worth spaces realize their retirement income needs.

Ryan received his undergraduate degree from Hofstra University and his MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

He also received his Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation during his tenure.

Through his strong client-focused background, industry knowledge and relentless work ethic, Ryan is fully capable of assisting buyers and sellers achieve their goals!

Ryan currently resides in New Jersey with his wife and two children.

lisiten.ryan@gmail.com   212 661-4160 Ext 224



Roseann can help you buy or sell your business.

Roseann is a seasoned professional with extensive sales experience.

She has spent over 20 years in residential and commercial loan origination.

Roseann owned and operated a small business with her husband for many years.

Her strong business knowledge and background will ensure business buyers and sellers

a seamless transaction. She is not afraid of hard work to help you reach your goal.

Roseann is quick to point out she still possess old fashioned work ethic.

She listens, and always follows through on her word.

Roseann enjoys people, both working with them, and helping them.

She supports her clients and can be counted on to deliver.

She has aproven track record. She is truly a great team player.

Roseann has a vast knowledge of the business Environment in the greater NYC area.

Roseann currently lives on Long Island with her husband.


lisiten.roseann@gmail.com or 212 661-4160 EXT: 222



thumbnail_Lisiten OUR TEAMCarl E. Guzman, CPA

After leaving one of the largest most prestigious accounting firms in the world, and Starting without contacts, experience, or knowledge in the mortgage industry, Carl started a Mortgage Broker/Banker business and built his Mortgage Company into a seven figure business.

Carl is a CPA, real estate broker in New York and New Jersey, and seasoned businessman with over 28 years of extensive business ownership and operations experience.

Carl has an intimate knowledge of business operations (human resources, administrative, product development, and marketing) and total respect and appreciation of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and business owner.

His goal is to always provide clarity and the best professional and ethical advice to business buyers and sellers.

He has developed, authored, and conducted seminars throughout numerous well known and respected universities and educational providers.

He has served as a board member of the New York Association of Mortgage Brokers, Chairman of the Association’s Education Committee, Treasurer for the Teaneck Economic Development Corporation, and as an arbitrator on large real estate cases for the American Arbitration Association.

Carl has appeared on TV and radio and is frequently published and quoted in various news media.

Carl has the experience and understanding to assist entrepreneurs in their pursuit of fulfilling their dreams.

Carl can help you to sell your business.

212 661-4160 Ext: 207      Lisiten.carl@gmail.com


Kimberley has spent over 30 years as an entrepreneur and business owner.

She is known best for her prioritizing and organizing skills, which have served her well in all her endeavors.

In the early 2000’s as the COO of Appearance Brands Intl, llc. She was tasked with the creating of the franchise model for Pathetic Medic “The affordable quick-fix solution for car dealers” a company that fixes small appearance related issues in late model pre-owned vehicles.

As such, she registered the trademark and developed new sales and proprietary chemicals and repair concepts by studying the competition, not just for what they were doing, but mostly for what they weren’t doing.

She also developed the franchise documentation and manual, along with territory division and became lead franchisee trainer.

The unique model lead to a nod from USA Today as a new “Outside the Box” franchise.

Through many up and down markets, Kimberley learned how to ride the waves when they were high and to grind it out with ingenuity when they were low.

This led to her spirit of “When things get tough, you just keep going.”

Kimberley loves interacting with people, and is an avid animal lover.

Her and her husband own 2 dogs and 2 cats and spend hundreds of dollars on bird food.

You can call or email Kimberley anytime.

Cell: 610-469-4377  lisiten.kim@gmail.com   212-661-4160 ext: 215



Russell Cohen brings with him over 18 years of experience in sales,
marketing, advertising, distribution, logistics and new product
Over the course of time, he has worked with businesses
both large and small, near and abroad 
Having owned and run a large successful family business, from the
ground up, Russell has the knowledge and skillset of seeing value
within businesses.
Graduating with an MBA in finance as well as a BS in business management and marketing from 
Long Island University has laid the foundation for his entrepreneurial mindset and 
financial understanding of the corporate world.
RussellÕs pride and joy is spending quality time with his wife and
baby girl. 
 He loves watching his daughter grow up and teaching her
new things.
Since the time he was 12, Russell has volunteered his time with United
Cerebral Palsy.  
He has worked directly with the kids afflicted with cerebral palsy in various buddy events.   
He works one-on-one with these individuals in various activities such as Buddy Hockey,
BuddyBaseball etc.  
Russell assisted in running fundraisers that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars
 over the years for his local UCP center.  
In return, he has received dozens of awards for his contributions to United Cerebral Palsy.
Russell is proud to have joined Lisiten Associates brokerage team and is here to guide you 
in selling your business with the best outcome.
lisiten.russell@gmail.com      212 661-4160  Ext: 218


kristin OUR TEAM

Kristin Egmont

Kristin brings over 17 Years of Enterprise Sales Experience to Lisiten Associates.

She has an entrepreneurial background as well as vast experience from multiple successful business ventures over the years.

Kristin’s tenacious spirit contributes to, and generates positive results for her clients.

Kristin always puts her customer’s needs first and easily builds long term relationships coupled with success.

Kristin employs strong business skills complete with a high level of service to her clients.

She is always there to support her clients through every step of selling their business.

Kristin can help you sell your Business!

212 661-4160 Ext: 222      lisiten.kristin@gmail.com

mark-samoka OUR TEAMMark Savoca

Mark is a serial entrepreneur with 30 years’ experience in building and analyzing businesses.

Mark started his career in 1988 at Lehman Brothers, learning the intricacies, complexities, and nuances needed for proper business valuations.

After many years managing upwards of $50 million dollars in customer assets, Mark went on-to co-found a successful boutique trading firm, also on Wall Street.

With a keen eye for risk management and analytical prowess, Mark was able to generate astronomical compounded returns year over year for nearly 15 years.

Prior to joining LISITEN ASSOCIATES, he was the National Sales Director for an automotive services company, providing sales tools, software, and valuable metrics to increase car sales for every national dealership franchise enlisted as a client.

Mark resides in Long Island, on his down time you can catch him at a local softball or soccer field doing what he loves the most, coaching his two daughters and their teams.
Mark can easily help you to Sell your Business!

212 661-4160 Ext: 221     lisiten.mark@gmail.com

IMG_2835-e1526048076745 OUR TEAMAnthony Pagnozzi

Anthony has been around business his whole life – having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, and businessmen alike.

He has grasped common business concepts and strategies from a young age.

He knows what will work and won’t work.

Anthony finds it a pleasure to be around others and he loves helping people.

He has a passion for building his clients trust.

He is a very hard-working, understanding, and helpful man.

Anthony also has a vast understanding in both finance and marketing.

Anthony has just recently joined Lisiten Associates in 2018 with a goal and vision to better the company even further.

Anthony’s contact information is posted below. He can help you sell your company.

212 661-4160 ext: 226      lisiten.anthonyp@gmail.com

alan-waldman1 OUR TEAMAlan Waldman

Alan began his career in business financing with a position at a New York based notes receivable Factoring company.

While working there Alan completed his M.B.A. in Finance and International Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

During the next decade Alan held finance and operations positions within the publishing and manufacturing industries.

It was during this phase of Alan’s career that he was able to lay the foundations of his finance, operations, manufacturing and distribution skill sets.

Alan has extensive experience in product and content creation, licensing, and product distribution.

With a strong background in sales, pricing and product profitability, deal structures and contract negotiations.

Alan has completed deals with numerous major household names such as; Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Fisher Price, Disney and Electronic Arts.

As a result, prior to joining Lisiten Associates in 2011 Alan was already the veteran of a number of multi-million dollar sales and acquisition transactions for his previous employers.

Alan also serves on the Board of Trustees for several organizations in the tri-state area.

lisiten.alan@gmail.com   212 661-4160 ext: 208`

heather-sloane OUR TEAMHeather Sloane  MBA


Global Communications

Heather is an exceptional and amazing Mother of three.

She is very tireless and extremely shy.

Heather has been with Lisiten Associates since 1998.

She started as a secretary to Mel Lisiten and has grown up with the company.

Today Heather heads up all International Communications between New York, Florida, Beverly Hills, China, India and the rest of the World.

In addition she oversees Our Public Relations, IT, Bookkeeping and is our General office MGR.

Heather graduated from the University of PA. with a BS degree in Communications and has now completed her Masters Degree at Columbia University.

Once her Children have all gone off to College, Heather is looking forward to joining our Sales Team full time.

rosemarie OUR TEAMRosemarie Antonelli



Video Production and Graphic Arts

ROSEMARIE Heads up our Video and Graphics Departments.

She is both an Amazing and accomplished Artist. In addition she owns her own Extremely Successful Beauty Company.

Rosemarie also works tirelessly on projects for Lisiten Associates.

She is in charge of all artwork and videos to be used for Marketing as well as the Branding of the Lisiten Associates Concept.

She is currently working on Video Concepts to be used all over the World for the New and Futuristic (yet to be seen and leading edge Lisiten Associates Marketing Campaigns.

The current Marketing approach used by Lisiten Associates is unmatched anywhere in the World.

The Newest Futuristic and Technically forward Proprietary systems will propel Lisiten Associates further into the forefront of the Brokerage Industry and will be rolled out shortly in 2018.

ROSEMARIE is now working on our Newest Technology to be implemented by 2018 to all of our Listings – VIDEO TEASERS !