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Mel Lisiten, “A mega-successful pioneer in selling American businesses” Empire State News.

Mel Lisiten invited to the Presidential Advisory Board.

Lisiten Associates featured in Acquisition International Magazine. Read More

Lisiten Associates named to the Business Broker Hall of Fame.

Lisiten Associates wins “Broker of the year 2014”

Lisiten Associates named by Diversify Business “Top Businesses For 2013” Read More

Lisiten Associates wins End of the Year Country Award from Intercontinental Finance Magazine Read More

Lisiten Associates wins Business Broker of the Year from ACQ5 Read More

Lisiten Associates gets press on The Deal.Com, Read More

Lisiten Associates closes acquisition deal between Agora Capital LLC and Antique & Vintage Woods of America (“AVW”) Read More

Mel Lisiten and Lisiten Associates Receives 2008 Best of New York City Award  Read More

Fashioning the Art of the Deal Read More

Masterbeat Stake Attracts Prospective Buyers read more

Lisiten Associates represents the 1-800-brokers Perfect Vanity Package page 1

Mel Lisiten and Lisiten Associates Receives 2008 Best of New York City Award page 1

Business Brokering It’s Ready to Explode page 1page2

Lisiten Associates Brokers Major Acquisition page1 

OCZ Technology Group Acquires Renowned System Builder, Hypersonic PC

Are you ready to put a price tag on your business? Crain’s New York

Business Broker of the Year 2013 page 1

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Acquisition International M&A Awards Business Broker of 2013 page1

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New Division of Lisiten Associates focusing on the mining industry MineBrokers

Mel Lisiten in The Deal Pipeline


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