Marketing Musts For The Business Owner

1. Define your customer. Know who you are marketing your business to.  Establish your demographic.

2. Make a real social media push. Create customer accounts with Twitter, Merchant Circle, Fastpitch, Manta, Facebook and LinkedIn. The business benefits of social networks are very real. Countless small business owners have made valuable connections, including new customers, through their participation in social networks.  Participation is the key to success when it comes to social media but you also have to establish your credibility as a member of the social media community. 

3. Use public relations to legitimize your brand and expertise. Getting your brand in Print, TV, and Radio all increase Brand Awareness.

4. Don’t Underestimate SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Hiring someone to handle your SEO is a must.  However, before you hire an SEO consultant make sure to get references and don’t hire anyone who seeks you out.  Remember no one can guarantee you a number one spot on Google.  Also, make sure they have expertise in your field.

5.Get long term Contracts with your Customers whenever possible. Create Recurring Revenue to increase the value of your business and solidify your cash flow.

6. Analyze and Re-analyze your Sales Department. This is generally the most important department in a company. Keep that pipeline full with new customers, products or services . Think about all of the possible additions that you can make and new directions you can take, to help grow your business. A stagnant business is a dead business unless you have long-term contracts with clients or customers and recurring revenue.