World Events: What It Means For Your Business

This is a great time to start a business or grow a business, as it seems the events going in and around the world are marked for positive change.  The signs that signal the strength of a strong company headed for growth are companies that have leadership who anticipates how to use world events to the company’s advantage.

While there is no way to really anticipate most world events it is important to figure out how to react to them for your business. As each business is different it would be difficult for me to explain exactly how, but it is a simple thing to know that you don’t throw a party in the middle of a stream of tornadoes, but you can have your business hold an event to help those in need.

The Positive Progress began last Friday when the Royal family finally showed a mark of stability with the marriage of Prince William and her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton.  As many have commented, it shows signs that the monarchy is headed for strength and this strength will keep Britain’s economy in tact.  The world woke up to the news that Osama Bin Laden had been captured and killed after resisting arrest.  This also marks a Positive turning point for the U.S. that if the most wanted man in America can be taken down by Navy Seal Special Forces, then there’s hope for the rest of the country making progress with the economy.

Most of the world in recent months has successfully taken down dictators running their governments and the country with the most impact on the world economy and Muslims is Egypt.  So there is great hope and optimism that Al Qaeda and other terror groups will soon be put out of business.  Muslims around the world want prosperous and flourishing economies and the people in each of those countries want to be able to pursue the kinds of dreams like we’ve been able to do in America.  America is the model other countries want to follow.

Perhaps our next Bill Gates will be a a young computer science student from India, or our next Vera Wang fashion designer will be from Egypt. This is a great time to pursue the American dream of starting and successfully running a business or to think out of the box and take a business to a higher level.

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