Small Businesses Are Hiring

A report by the payroll company, ADP, states that small businesses, those with 50 or fewer employees are doubling the amount of workers hired since last year.  Firms hiring include transportation, service companies , manufacturing, financial, electronic and computer companies as well as many others.  According to the labor department, the unemployment rate for March, dropped to 8.85 %, to a two year low.
Before you decide to add staff to support your small business here are some rules you should follow:
1.Before you hire, show yourself the money –
 Don’t hire until you have the revenue to support it.

2. Take your time and hire the right people –
There is still high unemployment despite the drop so there are plenty of prospects out there.

Create a productive workplace in which people are treated well –

Creating a positive workplace will bring success back to you in spades . i.e. AppleGoogle, Amazon.

4. Focus on increasing your sales team –
This will increase your revenue.

5. Allow time for new hires to come aboard and get productive – 
It takes time to get employees up to speed on the job, make sure they get proper training.

6. Beware of disruptions to the small business when adding new hires –
Put new sales people with new clients. Long term clients don’t like being switched over to a novice in your company.
7.Create a business that you may someday sell to others –
Most small business owners don’t envision ever selling but inevitably most do one day.  Make sure it’s a business that will pay you back.