Occupy Wall Street? No Way, Start Your Own Business

 While the naysayers occupy Wall Street, others are starting their own businesses. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be Change You Want To See In The World.”  America was built by the small business owner and despite the way Wall Street has behaved, it doesn’t mean that we can’t as a nation, develop and grow small businesses and create jobs.  Everyday at LISITEN ASSOCIATES we see another former Wall Street executive leaving downtown to join a family business or buying an existing small business.


 According to a Citibank small business survey, 66 percent of the small business owners responded that they feel that the economic recovery is dependent on the small business owner/entrepreneur. 9 percent of the people laid off from Wall Street are now starting their own business and so can you! 


 LISITEN ASSOCIATES represents sellers of almost any kind of Businesses imaginable.  INVEST IN YOURSELF!


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