New Exclusive Sales Agency Listing



Announces new Exclusive Sales Agency listing


Aging In The Comfort Of Home, Inc.



(For Immediate Release: October 18, 2011) –

  Lisiten Associates Business Brokers is the exclusive sales agency in the Northeast for Aging In The Comfort Of Home, Inc. LISITEN ASSOCIATES is in charge of MARKETING and selling their MASTER DEALER as well as INDIVIDUAL DEALERSHIPS.

The dealer comes to the home and gives a free analysis for individuals who are considering modifying their home so they can stay home rather than going to an assisted living facility. As an added bonus, the company also offers construction, products, items and services plus recommendations for future ongoing work. They offer forever contact with the customer and are there every step of the way, from beginning to end.

  Aging In The Comfort Of Home is a full service consulting, home modification, products and services related company.  AICOH caters to the ill and elderly who wish to remain in their home. They specialize in helping the elderly make their homes more efficient as they get older. According to Mel Lisiten, CEO & Founder of Lisiten Associates Business Brokers, this concept could not have come along in a better time in HISTORY.

 There are 45 million family caregivers in America.  Family caregivers sacrifice not only their time, but also often their physical and economic well being in the process.  Many of these caregivers are keeping their loved one in their own home but need help in designing a safe environment for them.  Plus, 3.9 million baby boomers will be weighing the option of heading to assisted living facilities or staying in their own homes, that’s almost 10,000 people per day.

Lisiten shows us that most are opting to stay in their own homes because of the alarming statistics on what happens to people after they enter an assisted living facility.  The ill and the elderly have an average life expectancy of approximately just six months upon entrance. Depression and sleep disorders are common after entering assisted living facilities as well. Lisiten says, “we are all aware of the dangers at assisted living facilities as well as the ridiculous costs involved.  AICOH provides a viable alternative for families.”

Lisiten Associates will be offering 148 Master Dealerships and 1200 Regular Dealerships throughout the Northeast United States.