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LICENDERS announces a new product line and service, BEDBUGENDERS

For Immediate Release, January 27, 2011, contact, Renee Towell 201–606-1693) –

Just a week or so ago, on ABC television’s “Live With Regis and Kelly”, Mark Consuelos (who was filling in for Regis Philbin) and his wife, co-host, Kelly Ripa started having a discussion about bedbugs which then turned into a conversation about head lice. Ripa could get the audience to laugh about bugs and that makes Adie Horowitz, CEO of LICENDERS very happy!  Ripa gave an unsolicited verbal plug for LICENDERS, a company that has a natural product line to get rid of those pesky head lice bugs and a home service as well as a New York City salon.  Ripa and her family used the service just this past summer when her daughter Lola got head lice.  What Consuelos and Ripa did not know was that Horowitz has been toiling away at creating a natural bedbug line and at home service for the last year which is coming out in February and will be available to the public and businesses. Horowitz has based her brand on helping families reduce anxiety,  “It was just a total stroke of genius, that they mentioned our company LICENDERS in the same sentence as bedbugs.” says Horowitz. The new line and service of the company will be called BEDBUGENDERS.  

“One of the reasons the public and experts have been unsuccessful at wiping out bedbugs is that the bugs have become resistant to the chemical treatments.” says Horowitz.  She further added that when she studied the natural enzymes to combat head lice she found the same was true. The natural products work much more effectively.  BEDBUGENDERS is all green and is made of natural enzymes which react with the eco-skeleton killing the bug naturally.  The sprays which can be sprayed on pillows, mattresses, couches are safe for pets and children. When the spray hits the bug, it kills it on contact.  Horowitz has a knack for being compassionate and for knowing what families needs are. “We want to reduce the anxiety and stress that families already experience on a daily basis.”  She also has a knack for knowing how to build a business, LICENDERS alone is a multimillion dollar company.  Mel Lisiten of Lisiten Associates Business Brokers is exclusively licensing her product lines and services for both throughout North America and feels the timing couldn’t be better.  He says,” The fear Mark Consuelos spoke of on tv is real for most people.  The bedbug crisis has a lot people being afraid to travel and stay at hotels or to go to movie theaters.  BEDBUGENDERS has a solution to that and her company is just going to soar.”

Horowitz says that people are very aware of chemicals and pesticides and more than ever before they want to use as many natural product alternatives as they can so long as they work.  Just the word bedbug gets people scratching, putting pesticides in their homes only increases the stress.

And Horowitz has thought of everything including a 3 ounce travel bedbug spray which can be carried on airplanes, and is also available in a 24 ounce size for home and a 5 gallon size for businesses, a laundry additive and an enzyme activated household cleaner which combats both bedbugs and head lice available in a 3 ounce, 24 ounce and a 128 ounce for hotels, schools, camps,.,



Renee Towell

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