Knowing Your Business’ Advantage

People always ask me how can they grow their business to the next level.  These are the questions you should ask yourself when you’re thinking about increasing your business’ revenue and profitability.  What is your advantage? Your prices? Superior products or services? Timing? Some of the things you should you emphasize are the quality, selection, location, services, your expertise and/or the history of the business. Define your Competition. What’s their edge? Who are your best customers? Why? What are the best aspects of your business in the customer’s view? What improvements do customers want?


Also, do target marketing and hire a consultant to handle all aspects of social media and public relations as it relates to your business. Targeted Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, rather, it is the focused and personalized nature of inexpensive Targeted Marketing which make it worth considering. Some examples include:


– Online Boards and Groups

– Free Offline & Online Ads

– Increase response rates with Toll Free Numbers

– Newsletters

– Home Shopping Networks can be highly targeted and great to advertise around.

– Cell phone text messaging: Opt In only!

– Video Brochure: the paper brochure is a harder sell now days. Bring your Business, Products and Services alive with Video and/or Audio.



I cannot stress the importance of website marketing through Facebook, Twitter, Merchant Circle, Manta, Linked In and Fastpitch and Blogging plus maximizing your website’s SEO — search engine optimization.  Also, look at targeted media like airplanes, airports, taxis, buses, checkout counters, restrooms, banks, etc.

– Go to Networking Events (i.e. Chamber of Commerce or a Professional Network Group) as a guest of a member for free and make it count.


Knowing the strengths of your company will help you increase revenue, sales and profitability!