Emerging Markets


American small to medium sized businesses, are the backbone of the U.S. economy.  The news that small businesses will now be assisted in expanding into emerging global markets should make entrepreneurs and small business owners confident.  We are hopeful that the government will shift its focus away from huge corporations like Halliburton to concentrate on helping smaller to medium sized businesses which are the types of businesses that produce products and services that the overseas market likes.  Now that the U.S. dollar has shrunk in value, our products are now much more affordable to countries overseas. 

A new initiative that the government (through The Overseas Private Investment Corporation – OPIC) makes us hopeful that the focus will now be on helping small to medium privately held companies, which are the type of companies LISITEN ASSOCIATES represents.  (Hopefully) our companies will be able to take advantage of OPIC.

OPIC was established as an agency of the U.S. government in 1971. It supposedly helps U.S. businesses invest overseas, fosters economic development in new and emerging markets, complements the private sector in hopes of diminishing risks associated with foreign direct investment while supporting U.S. foreign policy.  

To date, we know of no direct help to small to medium sized privately held businesses.