Don’t be the Last One To Leave The Party

selling-business-300x125 Don’t be the Last One To Leave The Party

Time goes exceedingly fast especially when you’re immersed in the work that you love and involved daily in the business that you’ve built with money, love, sweat and tears. It is been a labor of love, and, after all the years that you’ve worked, you don’t even realize how many years have passed because it seems like only a minute. You may have been working in your business between 5 to over 30 years, so it just may be time to sit down and think about how you can reap the rewards of the efforts you put into your successful and profitable business.

There are many choices when it comes to exiting ones business. You can pass ownership and management onto your children, if they have the same talent, drive and passion in running the business and growing the business for future generations. Without a family option, the question is what do you do when you are ready to sell? The answer is that it depends on you as an individual and what you ultimately want. It is possible to have your cake and eat it to. You may want to sell straight out to new owners and management, or sell straight out with the caveat that the current management and employees stay in place. You may want to stay on as an employee or a consultant for a certain amount of time, and chances are the new owner will want you to. Matching the right buyer to your goals is where a talented M&A advisor and broker come in such as Lisiten Associates.

If you choose to sell, discussing the options strategies and structure will be taken into consideration, but the most important thing that you can take away from this article is that, once you decide to sell – SELL! And… do it is soon as possible. You really get one chance to do it right. Meet with an experienced business intermediary so you can discuss ways to maximize your sales price and minimize the risk that comes along with waiting. We are now approaching the baby boomer generation with many many businesses for sale coming to market. Although there will always be many buyers looking for a profitable business, an abundant amount of businesses for sale, in the same industry, in a rising rate environment may lower the market value on your company. The best time to sell is when your company is on an upswing and when you have the ability to maintain a growth momentum, so when you come to an epiphany that you want to sell “don’t be the last person at the party. “

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