Buyer Confidence Bigger Than Ever

The buying and selling of businesses slowed down for more than a year beginning October of 2008 .  Now it appears buyer confidence is back and better than ever. We have a broader base of buyers as well.    Mergers and acquisitions posted a fourth consecutive quarterly increase in the second quarter and deals in the first half of the year reached the highest level since 2007, an indication that more companies are increasing their confidence in the economy. During the economic downturn, many companies were hesitant to sell, concerned about not getting a fair price while larger corporations hoarded cash to survive the recession.

Buyer confidence definitely increases or decreases due to fluctuations in the economy.  As of 2011, we are busier than ever before, getting hundreds of calls per week of interested parties wanting to buy businesses.  We are getting over 100,000 hits per week on our websites. We are seeing over 150 new buyer registrations weekly.  Many of them are former wall street executives who have left because of all of the new SEC rulings.  In addition, many new buyers from other areas are coming into the marketplace than ever before. The overriding reason that people are looking to own small to medium sized business seems to be they are looking to control their own destiny.  

Lisiten Associates has experienced explosive growth over the last four years.  Our team has grown from three people to fourteen.
Today, Lisiten Associates is a major business brokerage company in the Northeast.  We attribute our growth to the fact that we’ve been able to grow while continuing to give personalized service.  We will never compromise our mission to continue to give personalized service.