skip-warnerSkip Warner

Senior Vice President

Having built and sold multiple businesses of his own, He is an experienced entrepreneur and business broker.

He knows and understands what it takes to successfully run, operate and grow your business in today’s global and highly competitive environment .

Skip knows what it takes and has the experience to sell your business.

SKIP’S prior background includes directing company operations, product design, merchandising, sourcing, production, manufacturing, sales, marketing, brand promotion, advertising and distribution.

SKIP has hired, trained, developed and managed both internal and external sales teams, negotiated license agreements and has traveled extensively both domestically and internationally.

Skip has helped make LISITEN ASSOCIATES the top Business brokerage M&A in North America Today!

lisiten.skip@gmail.com  212 661-4160 ext:203

AlanPfeiferSm-2Alan Pfeifer

Vice President

Being an M&A Business Broker at Lisiten Associates is a perfect fit for Alan.

He brings a wealth of successful Business experience to this position.

Alan is a true entrepreneur who has a vision for staying ahead of the curve.

His background is a unique combination of corporate success in both business and sales development with a dozen years in sales management at Levi Strauss and over a decade in business running a high profile division as President of Calvin Klein Jeans.

After 20 plus years from these two successful corporate roles, Alan forged his own jeans company and developed products for existing Brands and Retailers for over a decade.

The experience and gratification of running his own company satisfied his goals at the time.

He then sold his Company and briefly retired, but retirement does not suit Alan’s temperament.

He is constantly thinking of ways to grow so he reinvented himself and became a successful real estate broker at Douglas Elliman while honing his skills as a Business Broker.

This utilization of Alan’s prior work experience has contributed to his success as an extremely important Business Broker and team member at Lisiten Associates.

Lisiten Associates’s proven formulas for achieving Mutual Goals with their Clients has provided the platform for Alan to apply his highly recognized people skills and insatiable desire to help business entrepreneurs either sell or buy a business.

As a Business Broker he is able to evaluate an existing business with the Professional Tools and unmatched International marketing provided by Lisiten Associates and successfully market that business for sale.

Alan skillfully works with first time buyers as well as Corporations and Family Held Businesses looking for that just-right purchase or acquisition.

jt2-200Jack Trama

Jack is a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur with many years of top level business experience.

Throughout his career, Jack has taken on a broad range of business initiatives serving as consultant and intermediary to many companies and individuals in targeted areas of business development, joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, and accounts receivable risk management.

Jack is a dedicated, focused, and visionary business intermediary with advanced skills in sales, negotiation, and relationship management.

Core to Jack’s values is doing business fairly, with the right parties, and negotiating win/win transactions.

Whether its developing relationships between entrepreneurs, managing an exit strategy, or facilitating joint ventures between potential partners,

Jack is singularly focused on getting the job done.

Jack has held several leadership roles in his career and currently serves on the advisory board of an emerging biotech firm. 

He was also the former Founder and President of Network Business Brokers, a boutique New York business brokerage firm, assisting metro New York area companies manage successful exit strategies via acquisition.

He was also the Founder and President of Trade Risk Strategies, an accounts receivable risk management firm, providing trade risk insurance and accounts receivable finance to New York area corporations.

Having a keen understanding of what it takes to source the right relationships and close a variety of different business transactions,

Jack puts forth the necessary effort and attention to detail it takes to manage the effort from start to finish. His strong leadership Jack is a seasoned business executive and serial entrepreneur bringing many years of top level business experience to Lisiten Associates.

allanAllan Montalbano

Regional Sales Director

Allan joined Lisiten Associates as a leading sales consultant in the financial field and new business development in outside markets.

Before that, Allan was a branch office owner at a large independent financial institution.

Throughout his 14 years in the finance industry, he was highly successful in guiding clients to reach their financial goals.

He was responsible for developing and leading sales teams and building client wealth.

He personally grew his branch to top 3 in the company.

Allan has continued that success in his time with LISITEN ASSOCIATES.

He brings a wide range of knowledge across all industries that is needed when servicing business owners.

As a result of his finance background, he is able to work seamlessly with buyers and sellers to expedite the sales process.

He is very honored to play a key role in helping other business owners reach their goals.

Allan is born and raised in Nassau County, and still lives there with his wife and two daughters.

Lisiten.allanm@gmail.com  212-661-4160 ext 220

sandraSonya Perrotti

Sonya Perrotti is a seasoned sales professional and entrepreneur. She has been involved in many successful business ventures of all types. She adds a wide variety of expertise to Lisiten Associates.

Her knowledge in supply chain optimization, manufacturing sales, creation and execution of sales drivers are second to none. She also worked as an Acquisition Specialist at ADP.

Sonya’s strong knowledge and background will bring business buyers and sellers to an achievable end result.

Sonya has easily become one of LISITEN ASSOCIATES Top Salespersons

Sonya earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management in California at the University of LaVerne.

Lisiten.sonya@gmail.com   212 661-4160 Ext 205

Harv Hilowitz

Harv is a perfect match as a Business Broker with Lisiten Associates, Harv has had success in both the public and private sectors.After working as school administrator and principal, he moved into the private sector over 15 years ago.

Harv has Worked as a business developer, project manager and market researcher for prestigious firms.

Harv has focused on large real estate projects, working with a major east coast developer, a prominent civil engineering firm, an international environmental clean-up company, and a regional construction business.

Harv has also owned his own successful consultancy firm.

Harv has worked with high-value propositions and projects in many business sectors including alternative energy, manufacturing, civil engineering & architecture and construction.

Harv understands the importance of both the corporate and the personal sides to business transactions.

Harv can help you sell your Company.

Harv is a published author and public speaker, and is active as a volunteer in his community.

lisiten.harv@gmail.com 845-590-0925

john-levineJohn Levine

John is a seasoned business professional with a diverse background and wide breadth of expertise.

He has over 15 years of business consulting experience, catering to both for-profit and nonprofit companies in a spectrum of industries.

He began in the insurance industry and in real estate before starting several of his own successful businesses and assisting in the development of start-up companies.

As Vice President of another business brokerage, John sold or assisted in the sale of many businesses, helping those companies maximize their financial gains with advanced marketing strategies, industry research and negotiating techniques.

John brings integrity, focus, and dedication as an expert business intermediary with advanced skills in relationship management, sales and negotiation.
Whether it’s developing relationships, an exit strategy, or facilitating joint ventures, John has the experience and passion to get the job done!

lisiten.jlevine@gmail.com   212-661-4160 ext 219

jon-polevoyJon S. Polevoy

Jon has more than 15 years of combined business, legal, engineering and insurance industry experience.

In addition to brokering deals, Jon offers expert consulting on the underlying risks and opportunities related to business transactions. Prior to his business brokering career, Jon has worked in the insurance, legal, banking, engineering, construction, real estate and environmental consulting industries.

As a broker and attorney, Jon helps clients to work more efficiently with transaction related risks.

He has worked on deals that span numerous industries, including but not limited to construction, manufacturing, healthcare and commercial real estate.

Jon has a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the Rutgers University School of Law and a Master’s as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Cornell University.

JON has become an important member of the LISITEN ASSOCIATES team.

david-polevoyDavid Polevoy

David Polevoy,CFP® has over 20 years experience in wealth management, financial planning, pension planning, finance and insurance.

He has served as a Director of The Metro New York Society of The Institute of Certified Financial Planners.

His prior experience includes being a Branch Manager at the Midtown Manhattan office of Wachovia Securities Financial Network, Registered Principal at Times Square – based Metro Financial Planning, and private Financial Planner on Lexington Avenue.

Early in his career, he has worked as a Financial Adviser at the Park Avenue office of Prudential Securities and learned from the best money managers of yesteryear.

David was awarded the prestigious designation of Certified Financial PlannerTM in 1997, and passed Securities Manager (Series 10) and Options Manager (Series 9) exams in 2002.
His alma mater are the College for Financial Planning, Baruch College, University of Pittsburgh, Taylor Allderdice H.S. and the Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh.

In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, the arts, theater, architecture and exploring the big city.

David is a fan of the New York Giants and Rangers as well as Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins.


Erik Sam Melendez

Entrepreneurial spirit is in Erik’s blood. From humble and very early beginnings Erik grew a single business into a restaurant juggernaut, eventually building up and selling off six successful businesses before the age of 41.

Having built businesses from the ground up and selling them for a hefty profit, Erik appreciates how to sell from the perspective of both the owner and the purchaser.

He understands what makes a company valuable and can fluently communicate that value forward and backward during any transaction.

It is this invaluable insight into the inner workings of a functioning and profitable business that makes Erik indispensable at Lisiten Associates.

Raised in New York, Erik has two daughters, Sam 24, and Ally 22, and currently resides in his waterfront home in Freeport, NY on Long Island, where he also studied Finance and Banking at Hofstra University from 1998 – 2001.

joe-sylviaJoe Sylvia

Joe joined Lisiten Associates after both a corporate career with a large pharmaceutical company. He was a manager of the hazardous material departmentand also supply chain management.

When the company began realignment of its company, Joe decided to leave the corporate world. Joe then ventured into entrepreneurship and become an independent insurance Agent.

Joe concentrated selling legal plans to many businesses in state of Connecticut.

With Joe’s background in sales and having worked for a large corporation. He is extremely prepared to work with clients of Lisiten Associates.

Joe attended Albertus Magnus College and continues to live in Connecticut with his wife and teenage son and daughter.

allanRichard Barber

Richard Barber has operated in the world of management, finance, and real estate for his entire career.

Starting as a banker in the 70s he became a manager of real estate and restaurants and successfully ran multiple restaurants in Manhattan for two decades.

He also worked as a Real Estate manager in Manhattan for many years and honed his customer service skills working with demanding NYC tenants.

Richard brings problem solving skills to the table and a creative mind that helps to get the job done.

A willingness to listen and apply are critical to his success as a broker.

A graduate of Washington & Lee University’s Commerce School he brings a cool demeanor and open mind to the task of selling your business.

His goal is to always maximize your net and streamline processes and negotiations wherever possible.


alan-waldmanAlan Waldman

Alan began his career in business financing with a position at a New York based notes receivable Factoring company.

While working there Alan completed his M.B.A. in Finance and International Business from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

During the next decade Alan held finance and operations positions within the publishing and manufacturing industries.

It was during this phase of Alan’s career that he was able to lay the foundations of his finance, operations, manufacturing and distribution skill sets.

Alan has extensive experience in product and content creation, licensing, and product distribution.

With a strong background in sales, pricing and product profitability, deal structures and contract negotiations.

Alan has completed deals with numerous major household names such as; Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Fisher Price, Disney and Electronic Arts.

As a result, prior to joining Lisiten Associates in 2011 Alan was already the veteran of a number of multi-million dollar sales and acquisition transactions for his previous employers.

Alan also serves on the Board of Trustees for several organizations in the tri-state area.

lisiten.alan@gmail.com   212 661-4160 ext: 208`

blackburnKevin Blackburn

Kevin has had a long and distinguished career in finance, equity trading, sales and financial advisement.

Having passed the New York State CPA exam in 1985 Kevin brought that knowledge and skill set to the floor of the American Stock Exchange as an OEM (Options Principal Member) trading hundreds of thousands of contracts along with millions of shares of the underlying security in his role of market maker.

Kevin has continued to use his great skills at reading and understanding financial statements in sales and advisory positions at a number of major banks including Citibank, JPMorgan and ultimately as a Senior Vice President at both Morgan Stanley and UBS.

In his role as advisor, he has spent countless hours analyzing financial statements seeking value for his clients.

He has most recently been the Chief Investment Officer for a medium sized long/short equity fund.

It is totally in his abilities to bring almost 35 years of quality experience to those who wish to Maximize Value for our clients at Lisiten Associates.

bob-farrellBob Farrell

Bob brings an accomplished track record of starting and running multiple businesses.

In November of 1999 he co-ran the Private Placement Division of the May Davis Group before co-founding Cornell Capital Partners, LLC.

At Cornell Capital he completed over forty transactions with a combined value in excess of two hundred and forty million dollars.

The fund went on to manage in excess of one billion dollars. Bob sold his interest in November of 2003.

In 2004, along with a partner, Bob purchased Nexus Custom Electronics, a New England electronics contract manufacturer with approximately 125 employees.

The company was sold to Yorkville Advisors in 2008.

Most recently Bob co-founded Princeton Alternative Funding (PAF).

PAF was awarded Top Credit Fund for 2015 by Alt Finance.

As President, Bob ran the day to day operations as well as managed the investment portfolio which grew from zero to over sixty million dollars in 2015.

Having been through the process of both buying and selling businesses, Bob understands the effort and attention to detail it takes to drive a transaction from start to finish.

His strong leadership and practical approach to solving business problems, ensure a successful outcome for his clients.

Bob resides in Princeton Junction with his wife Michele, they have 3 children.

He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, with a B.S in business administration.

frankFrank Ryan 

Frank is an experienced licensed professional and proven business executive with more than 25 years of development, project, and business management experience.

He has specific experience in all aspects of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries; real estate development; commercial and institutional development, as well as upper level management, strategic relationships, and technology consulting with principals, clients, and institutions.

Frank has participated with numerous mission critical development and turn-around projects, and he has facilitated the sale and purchase of business units to create ‘win-win’ outcomes for buyer and seller.

Mr. Ryan offers strategic and day-to-day support for all business transaction opportunities within the design, engineering, construction, and real estate development market space.

Mr. Ryan is a graduate of Dartmouth College and holds a Master of Architecture Degree from the Yale School of Architecture, as well as a Master of Public and Private Management Degree from the Yale School of Management.

damatoMichael d’Amato

Michael d’Amato is an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about helping people convert ideas to reality.

He founded and raised capital for several startups across disciplines including biotech, engineering, design, and finance.

He founded and built an investment company based around structured financing of medical debt.

Michael also designed, developed, and successfully licensed the Fluid Ribbon Chair, which exhibited at the prestigious Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy.

As both an entrepreneur and investor, Michael brings an understanding, perspective and insight to help buyers and sellers find a path forward together.

Michael graduated Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Rochester with a BS in microbiology and an MS in biomechanical engineering and entrepreneurship in 1999.

Born in Philadelphia, Michael now resides with his wife and two children in Brooklyn, NY.

lisiten.michaeld@gmail.com    212-661-4160 ext:216

ray-cRaymond Chernaskey

Ray brings over 35 years of successful executive business experience and entrepreneurial spirit to his role as a business broker.

He has successfully completed complex business deals with Fortune 100 companies while holding Sales Management positions at IBM, NEC, NetApp, and several early-stage start-up technology companies.

Ray was a pioneer in voice processing founding Voicemark Systems in 1986 providing the then new technology and application solutions to transform small and large organizations business processes.

Ray also founded Liberty Services and Solutions successfully building a business to provide comprehensive data management solutions to pharmaceutical and financial organizations.

Ray is a trained negotiator and skilled at managing complex deals and agreements from a process, technical, and financial standpoint.

He is passionate about supporting his clients delivering high value with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

His years of experience taught him to always position the client’s needs and interests as the priority in any negotiation.

Ray attended Lehigh University and Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

patrickPatrick May

With over 30 years in the Automotive/Car Wash industries Patrick May brings his vast knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit of these two industries to the
Lisiten Associates Team.

Patrick served as Fixed Operations Manager for several Toyota Operations for over 15 years concentrating on profit , loss/risk assesment and business growth while winning several operations excellence awards.

It was with that skill set that Patrick started his own car wash chemical corporation and has been President of his own company, having complete knowledge of car wash operations from lube profitability to cost per car on the tunnel side, truly feeling the heartbeat of the business

Patrick is totally focused and truly understands the amount of effort and dedication it takes to run a successful business and will take that same understanding finding the right match between buyer and seller.

With that, he is the perfect choice to guide seller or buyer during this exciting process as well as provide complete

Patrick is a married father of 3 beautiful girls and resides in Westchester County, New York. 


 Eric Hirsch



a Division of

Lisiten Associates

ERIC has been involved with mergers and acquisitions for most of his 30 years in business.

He has taken part in over 50 mergers or acquisitions working in building materials, mines and quarries.

After a successful career as Vice President of Human Resources and running numerous divisions for a Major Corporation,

Eric owned and operated his own businesses.

Eric  joined Lisiten Associates in 2012 working in New Jersey specializing in in ground assets.

Eric’s experience in M&A and owning and running his businesses have helped him Grow our Mine Sales Business.

He has become an Important and very successful part of the Lisiten team.

In addition to his duties managing several Large clients for Lisiten Associates, Eric now runs the “MINEBROKERS USA” division of LISITEN ASSOCIATES.

heather-sloaneHeather Sloane  MBA


Global Communications

Heather is an exceptional and amazing Mother of three.

She is very tireless and extremely shy.

Heather has been with Lisiten Associates since 1998.

She started as a secretary to Mel Lisiten and has grown up with the company.

Today Heather heads up all International Communications between New York, Florida, Beverly Hills, China, India and the rest of the World.

In addition she oversees Our Public Relations, IT, Bookkeeping and is our General office MGR.

Heather graduated from the University of PA. with a BS degree in Communications and has now completed her Masters Degree at Columbia University.

Once her Children have all gone off to College, Heather is looking forward to joining our Sales Team full time.

rosemarieRosemarie Antonelli



Video Production and Graphic Arts

ROSEMARIE Heads up our Video and Graphics Departments.

She is both an Amazing and accomplished Artist. In addition she owns her own Extremely Successful Beauty Company.

Rosemarie also works tirelessly on projects for Lisiten Associates.

She is in charge of all artwork and videos to be used for Marketing as well as the Branding of the Lisiten Associates Concept.

She is currently working on Video Concepts to be used all over the World for the New and Futuristic (yet to be seen and leading edge Lisiten Associates Marketing Campaigns.

The current Marketing approach used by Lisiten Associates is unmatched anywhere in the World.

The Newest Futuristic and Technically forward Proprietary systems will propel Lisiten Associates further into the forefront of the Brokerage Industry and will be rolled out shortly in 2017.

ROSEMARIE is now working on our Newest Technology to be implemented by 2017 year end to all of our Listings – VIDEO TEASERS !